Monday, August 8, 2011


I currently have 4 pieces worked out, color-studied, transferred onto canvases, and ready to move over to my easel. I'm normally a "one piece at a time" kind of gal, but painting commences on several of these today. I want 3 done by the end of the month. I have no idea if this is possible.

I'm back on my "stay up all night working and sleep for a few hours in the afternoon" schedule in a pretty hardcore sort of way... I have tried to break this cycle so many times, but I always seem to work my way back around the clock to this nocturnal life. I'm trying to just officially embrace it, as it's obviously how I work best. Also, I've been watching The History Channel's show "Ancient Aliens" on Netflix while I've been up by myself all night working - some of the ideas they talk about are actually interesting and fun to think about, while others are just historical or biblical references followed by a "...but what if aliens were involved?" It can get silly. Regardless though, my 4 AM google searches are becoming increasingly more and more bizarre.

I have exactly one more fun and mountainy thing for the summer left on my schedule and then after that I will scarcely be leaving my studio until November, so expect more randomishblibberblabber posts from me. And, I apologize in advance if you wake up one morning to a post from me discussing cattle mutilations, or crystal skulls, or the fact that the moon is actually a hollow vessel housing an extraterrestrial spacecraft. I won't be getting out much.



  1. omg i have been watching ancient aliens as well and <3 it

  2. Wow. These are the type of diary entries that make me appreciate the artwork (and artist's worldview) even more.

  3. Good luck, Shannon!
    Hope you'll finish them soon and share some previews with us when they are ready ;-)