Thursday, July 28, 2011

As The World Falls Down (Crazy4Cult FIVE)

Gallery 1988's fifth installment of their Crazy4Cult show opened earlier this month, and this year I chose the Jim Henson classic, "Labyrinth", as my inspiration.

"As The World Falls Down"

The decision to focus on the masquerade scene was partially influenced by my desire to use either a song lyric or a song name from the movie as the piece's title (I use to rock out to the "Labyrinth" soundtrack on my morning drives to high school - I'm not kidding), but mostly I just wanted to incorporate that DRESS. (sidenote: My hubby wasn't sure that people would recognize this image as a Labyrinth moment, to which I replied that he's bonkers crazy and that any girl who was a girl at the time knows good and well that this dress was one of THE best dresses to come out of the 80's... if not the best. sigh. silly boy. )

In other Crazy4Cult news, there is now a book showcasing highlights from the previous four installments of the show and I have work in it! It is a 176 page hardcover book packed with super fun cult movie art, and topped off with a forward by Kevin Smith, who has always played a big part in these shows. Gallery 1988 hosted an artist book signing a few weeks ago that I was invited to, but was very sad to have to miss out on (you can check out their own blog post covering it here), and if you purchase the book through their website your book will come signed by at least one of the featured artists. Get one. :)

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  1. I immediately recognized the girl, might be because of the dress? Good job!
    I liked "Labyrinth" as well, Bowie is bonkers, but awesome!